RPET Bottles and Being Green.

About-Being-GreenBeing Green is a commitment to being a responsible member of the community and steward of the environment. In the following areas RippleFX Water has taken action to demonstrate its’ commitment to Being Green; selection of raw materials, supplier locations, energy use, waste within manufacturing, ensuring all products are registered with regional deposit systems and education about recycling.

Recyclable Raw Materials. – All packaging is 100% recyclable and RPET bottles are from Post Consumer Materials. Ripple FX Water Bottles are made from HDPE, PET & RPET. All of which are of food grade certified materials. These are among the most desirable post-consumer recyclable materials. RPET bottles are made from 100% Post Consumer Recycled PET and serves to reduce environmental waste as well as harmful emissions produced from processing non-recycled materials. Boxes are made primarily from Post Consumer Recycled Fibers in SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) Certified production facilities.

Local Supplier Policy – RippleFX Water purchases from a “local supplier first”. All raw materials travel no more than 5 hours (most within the Vancouver Area) thus further reducing our carbon footprint.

Energy Use – Energy efficient fluorescent lighting is installed in the office areas. Lighting in the production & warehouse areas are CFIA Approved Teflon coated shatter proof metal halide bulbs. At the end of the useful life of these bulbs energy efficient LED’s will be installed. Until then they are only used during operating hours. Energy efficient LED illuminate the facility afterhours. A power capacitor is used to correct and reduce the energy used for the many electric motors used in the many pumps and conveyors. Electric lift trucks move pallets and load trucks. There is no natural gas burned in the building. Computers are connected to power bars. All electronics, lighting and heat is turned-off outside business hours.

Aware Manufacturing -RippleFX Water Manufacturing facility is operated in an environmentally responsible manner. Areas this can be seen is our use of biodegradable (CFIA Approved) sanitizers & cleaning products on equipment and a collection system for all un-used and scrap materials for re-circulation or recycling.

Used Containers Are Diverted from Landfills – In British Columbia and Alberta the bottle deposit systems confirm over 85% of bottles are diverted from landfills through a system that has kept up with consumer demand. All RippleFX Water products are distributed in markets where these deposit systems operate and measure the collection of used beverage containers. (Furthermore, each label delivers a message re-enforcing the “Return For Deposit” &” along with “PET Plastic Recycles” messages.)

RippleFX Water provides bottled water for free where and when they are able to deliver one of two messages about recycling. One is a message about what used beverage containers are made into after they are recycled. Educating the public on this subject helps them understand their efforts to recycle all beverage containers makes a difference. The second is engaging the individual who receives the bottle in a commitment to recycle.

RippleFX Water 2016 Being Green Stats.

  • 43% of bottles were RPET Bottles
  • Waste Recycled instead of sent to landfill
  • 3063 lbs PET (bottles not filled or sold)
  • 1100 lbs Clear Film (plastic film bags & pallet wrap)
  • 540 lbs Strapping (from bundling of raw materials)
  • 7250 * lbs of Cardboard (waste boxes from caps & other items)

*estimate based on 3 cubic yard waste bin.

Links Related to Packaging and our green initiatives.

  • Learn more about Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Learn more.
  • Norampac (Cascades) is a primary supplier of boxes. Learn more.
  • Learn more about PET Container Recycling see The National Association for PET Container Resources. Learn more.
  • RippleFX Water is a brand owner with Encorp Pacific the operator of the not for profit used beverage container stewardship program in British Columbia. Learn more.
  • RippleFX Water is a brand owner with ABCRC. The operator of the not for profit used beverage container stewardship program in Alberta. Learn more.


Trevor Kallies – Bar & Beverage Director The Donnelly Group

Ripple FX Water has been supplying the 15+ Donnelly Group locations with Private Label bottled water since 2007. Their distribution & service has been amazing and we have referred them to others.

Trevor Kallies – Bar & Beverage Director The Donnelly Group
Chuck Lawson – She’s Fit/Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness

Since 2008 Ripple FX Water has been the exclusive bottled water supplier to all of our fitness clubs. Since that time we have doubled our locations. They have always been a reliable and flexible supplier ensuring our fridges never run out of private label water.

Chuck Lawson – She’s Fit/Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness
Cindy Christiansen, Director of Operations – Waves Coffee House

Ripple FX Water has continued to produce Waves Private Label Bottled Water Since 2007. It is consistently our number one bottle sales item.

Cindy Christiansen, Director of Operations – Waves Coffee House


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